How Many Wedding Invitations Should I Order?

March 13, 2019



One of the questions that often comes up during meetings with my clients is, “How many invitations do I need to order?”  While this may seem like a question that requires a pretty straightforward response…”Your guest list is 150, order 150 invites.”, the truth is that there are more factors to consider than just the list you and your honey (and your mothers) have put together.


It is a simple yet very important question as it can have a direct effect on the overall budget for your wedding.



For clients who book me for full stationery design, I make sure that they leave our meeting with a very clear idea on things they should consider when determining the total number of invitations to order.






Today, I am offering the same tips to you!  I also encourage my fellow wedding planning professionals to share these tips with your clients who are at this phase of the planning process.



The following tips should be considered when determining the total number of invitations to order:



Tip 1 - Think per household/address; Not per guest


  • Create a spreadsheet (i.e. Excel or Google Sheets) of all of the names from your combined lists

  • Input each couple in its individual row (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

  • Input each family in its individual row (The Smith Family)

  • Input each single in its individual row (with or without plus one)

  • Consider the bridal party, yourself, and your parents (see tip 3)

  • The number of lines will help you quickly determine an invite count



Tip 2 -  Consider just in case situations

  • Your budget may grow! By some miracle, you may just find that you are able to increase your overall guest count, and in this case you'd want to make sure any additional names will receive official invites.


  • Invitations may get lost in the mail. We ALL know this happens (USPS doesn’t have the best track record). In the event this happens, planning ahead and order a few extra invites will help make your guests feel included, AND help you keep track of the RSVP cards when they start coming in.


  • You may have an A list and B list. For example, you parents might get  more room on the guest list should quite a few of your personal invitees decline. Those B list names would be shifted to the A list, and they would need invitations as well.




Tip 3 - Keepsakes for you and your parents

  • Your parents, and maybe a few other members of your immediate family, have been waiting for this big day. They’ll want anything and everything that can take to memorialize it.


  • Most of all, YOU will, no doubt, want something to remind you of this momentous occasion; to look back on, and even share with your future kids!


  • Embrace your creativity and combine one of your invitations, along with other details from your wedding, and turn it into something cool like a wedding shadow box.





Tip 4 - Styling for Wedding Day

  • Remember, photographers capture all of the small details of your wedding, including stationery. Plan to have extra stationery on the day-of for some amazing detail photos.

  • Envision a full layout of all of your wedding stationery (invites, menu cards, escort cards, etc.)! If the overall theme and feel for your wedding is consistent among these elements, you will totally wan to capture this story.

  • Are you looking to share your wedding with the world (why not dream big?) Capturing all of these details heightens your chances of potentially being featured in top wedding and lifestyle blogs and magazines.


I hope these tips were helpful! Remember that spreadsheet I mentioned in Tip 1? Well, I created one for you to use to manage your invitation count/guest list. Would you like it?









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