Three Reason You Need White Glove Service for Your Wedding Invitations

April 11, 2019

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What is Dreamcatcher Stationery’s white glove service?


While quality custom service remains one of my leading values, the Dreamcatcher Stationery White Glove Service enhances your experience and allows you to focus on other aspects of your wedding day! This means that not only am I designing some pretty amazing stationery for you but, I’ll take over the tedious tasks such as assembling your stationery, and visiting the post office for weighing and prepping them for mailing out to your guests. All you have to do is provide all the information and let me work my magic. 

Think about it, you would be checking off very important tasks like designing, ordering, and assembling your invitations in one step.  If that is not enough to excite you, continue reading for more benefits to this signature service.



Benefit #1 - Time


My signature white glove service saves the you TIME! We know that time is our most valuable resource, and when planning an occasion as momentous as your wedding, you'll want to consider any opportunity that will give more time for important to-dos and ultimate eliminate overwhelm.  By booking the Dreamcatcher Stationery' White Glove Service,  you, your partner, your bridal party, as well as your friends and family get to focus on other areas of your wedding.


While I takeover the full design and assembly of your invitations you will be free to check any of the following off your list:

  • Knock out other items on your timeline

  • Spend time with your soon to be spouse doing the things you love

  • Take a relaxing day with your bridal party and do something fun that’s not wedding related


 Photography - Sarandipity Photography


Benefit #2 - Professional Knowledge


Would you consider yourself a professional at assembling wedding invitations before? No? Well, you're in luck because I AM!


A professional stationer, like myself, has done this numerous times. I have the knowledge of knowing the following details for properly assembling an invitation suite: 

  • Placement or order in which the invitation pieces go (invite, rsvp card, additional enclosures, etc).

  • Tricks to make tedious tasks such as gluing, sticking, etc. less stressful.

  • The best materials and tools to use in order to assist me in the process.


A first-timer would need to dedicate time researching and typing questions like these in their Google or YouTube search bar:

  • How do I make the perfect bow?

  • How do I properly attach envelope liners?

  • How do I create the perfect wax seals?

  • Which way do I put the pieces into the envelope?

  • How do you use this double sided tape gun?

Remember, the goal is to save you time!


I ensure things are perfectly assembled with the highest level of quality. I check every piece for imperfections and ensure everything is properly assembled.


I prepare the stationery for mailing so all you have to do is drop it off at the post office.


BONUS: I do a courteous run to my local post office to check the weight and assess the postage necessary for mailing. I’ll even apply the postage stamps if provided!




Benefit #3 - I love doing it!


Simple! I do this because I love it. I love seeing the papers, embellishments, fabric, colors, etc. come together from a small vision provided by my client.


It’s the satisfaction of preparing all these pretty packages for your friends and family that make me smile. WHY? Because I know the joy it will bring to everyone who receives it.


Just think, if you had an invitation suite with several pieces, layers, embellishments, etc...Would that overwhelm you?



 Photography - Sarandipity Photography


Can I be real? 


You and your bridesmaids are totally capable of forming an assembly line in your mom's living room to put the layers of your invitations together and stuff the envelops for mailing.  I can provide you with the step-by-step instructions for assembly.  You can even find several videos on YouTube that show you how it's done.  Pour a little wine, blast your favorite tunes or work over some fun girl chat. It's totally doable. 


Now, consider this: How many friends and family are you planning to invite? 50? 100? 150? more?  While, in theory, it may seem like a great bonding experience with your favorite girls but, wouldn't you much rather enjoy bonding over massages, or a fun girls only slumber party?


Take a few moments to ponder these questions to see if the Dreamcatcher Stationery White Glove Service is for you…

  • Can my time be spent doing something more important?

  • Do I have the resources to assemble stationery?

  • Do I have the patience to assemble stationery?

  • Do I have the knowledge to assemble stationery?

  • What happens if I assemble incorrectly?

  • What if the unexpected occurs and I run out of time to complete the assembly in a timely fashion? 



If you answered "No" to any of these questions, or if you hesitated even a little on whether this was a task you wanted to take on or not, I invite you to click the button below schedule a complimentary call to learn more about this awesome, stress relieving service.









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