10 Best Embellishments to Jazz Up Your Wedding Stationery

October 11, 2018



Wedding bells are ringing and you are already planning the floral centerpieces, how your dress will fit, and the amazing venue that will blow your friends and family away. While you are obsessively swooning over those Pinterest worthy wedding ideas (say that tongue twister again LoL), don't forget the wedding stationery!


Everything from save the date announcements to invitations to place cards ought to fit right into the theme of your wedding day. While many opt to create their stationery at home or use store bought options that often look generic, you can enhance them by adding a few embellishments or add-ons that reflect you and your fiance’s personal style.


Here are the 10 best wedding invitation embellishments/add-ons you’ll need to jazz up your stationery:


1. Satin, Silk, Lace or Chiffon ribbon. Bundling your stationery with whatever ribbon type you choose gives it that classic, elegant touch. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re functional because they neatly hold everything together.


2. Vintage or Novelty Stamps. There is nothing like stamps to make your save the dates and invitations official business. Using a stamp that embodies your wedding feel only adds a touch of creativeness that goes a long way.


3. Wax Seals. These irregular little details gives it a personal touch, and creates that timeless look. You can choose from premade options to custom seals in whatever color your heart desires.


4. Rhinestones and pearls. Pair jewels and pearls with fine paperie and beautiful calligraphy to make things fancy. This would be a great choice if you're a fan of Breakfast at Tiffany's.


5. Lasercutting and Embossing. The intricate lattice of laser or die cut cards adds dimension to pieces that are typically flat. While embossing pieces of your design add that element of texture.


6. Twine or Raffia. Like ribbon, adding twine to pull together your suites can add a nice touch. These work well with a combination of Kraft papers and natural elements.


7. Foil, Glitter or Velvet papers. Metallic foils, shimmery glitter, or velvet cardstock introduce a luxurious element to fine wedding branding. The shine brings to mind the rings or other accessories the bride and groom wear on their big day.


8. Monograms. The royal lettering of monograms can work well in tandem with bold, rich colors, especially those found in fall weddings. These complement simplicity so the bold lettering remains the focal point.


9. Graphic prints (palm, beach, floral). For fans of artwork or those who want to inject their personal interests, favorite places, or things may wish to opt for illustrated depictions of the themselves, watercolor florals, palm prints or beach and nightline background graphics. This works well if you want to create a more casual experience for your wedding.


10. Elements of Nature (wood, seashells, leaves, pressed flowers). Another favorite that couples pair with twine, kraft paper, and nature focused graphic prints are actual natural elements. Wood chips, seashells, leaves or pressed flowers add a dainty whimsical flair reminiscent of magical forests and mermaids.


Maybe you won't spend a $1000 per invite like some celebrities, but there’s no need to bring in your nuptials with boring wedding stationery. Add embellishments or adornments to set the tone for your perfect wedding day or work with a stationer like myself to create something special for you.


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