Differences Between a Stationer & Calligrapher

February 20, 2018




If you are a total sucker for beautiful wedding invitations, then you have probably fallen in love with some of the romantic typography you have seen. The crazy part is that often times the typography is just a gifted person’s handwriting. Although it’s on a piece of stationery, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was done by a “stationer.” In other words, there’s several gifted calligraphers out there that design as well.


I often hear the terms, stationer and calligrapher, used interchangeably, so I thought it was important to highlight some of the key differences. Since Dreamcatcher Stationery is home to an incredible stationer, we can start there.


The Differences


Stationers utilize an array of fonts, a predesigned set of numbers, letters, and symbols, to create designs on paper. They are often known for combining these fonts and typefaces with graphics and vectors to make an overall design.


Calligraphers on the other hand use a combination of thick and thin strokes created by a nib and ink to create beautiful handwriting. Since everything is done by hand, you typically get a more unique look.

Which is better?


While both are true artists in their own right, their craftsmanship sometimes blend together. For instance, you’ll find that some stationers are calligraphers. However, other stationers have a knack for finding the perfect calligraphic font that resembles true calligraphy. This is probably why it’s hard to tell whether that amazing Pinterest wedding invitation you found is a font or a digitized version of calligraphy.


Either way, determine which one is better for you and go that route. Keep in mind that calligraphy typically costs more (yep, it’s consuming), but if you’re looking for that unparalleled uniqueness that’s definitely the route to take. If you rather have uniformity throughout, hire a stationer to design something custom for you.


Still undecided? Contact Dreamcatcher Stationery to see if we are a good fit for you. If not, we will share some amazing calligrapher friends with you.


In the meantime download these FREE calligraphy inspired fonts that's perfect for almost any wedding!




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