Catching the Dream

November 13, 2018


Traditionally, the dreamcatcher was believed by Native Indians to provide protection, especially for children, while sleeping. The intricate web-like weaving of thread in the center of the dreamcatcher served to catch and hold on to bad dreams while allowing the good dreams to slip through and go down the feathers and special beading to the sleeping child. 



Catching My Own Dream


Well I've always felt that I was chasing after a specific dream, which was a dream that included a life of happiness, a loving family, and a successful career.  I had no compass or roadmap other than the advice I was given from the adults who loved me. Like most of us, I was advised that the right path included graduating from high school with grades that would get me into a great college (preferably on scholarship) and then graduating with a degree that would help me land that 6-figure paying corporate know that job with the corner office, huge windows, and glass door right! LoL


Then, I graduated from college, entered Corporate America and found myself twiddling my thumbs thinking, "Is this really IT?"  Where was my happiness? I bounced from one company to the next in search of that sense of belonging and fulfillment. It wasn't until I started planning my very own wedding, that I rediscovered my passion for graphic design; however, this time it was more refined and paired with another thing that I felt strongly about...celebrating love!


Was this, in fact, the dream that had slipped through the metaphorical intricate weaving and down the special feathers while I slept as a child?  Maybe it was because starting my company gave me the fulfillment I longed for in corporate. I realized just how much pride I took in the work I was doing for others, and I didn't have to deal with the bureaucratic BS! LoL Not only had I caught my own dream of happiness, but my stationery was capturing the desires of clients who had spent years dreaming of their special day. 


Dreamcatcher Stationery FTW!

Determining My Why


That age-old question every entrepreneur ponders...What's your why?  For me, it's simple: family, freedom to be creative, and helping to make my clients' celebratory dreams come true. It's ALL those things that keep me going when sh!t gets rough. 


1.) My husband and I are building a legacy for our future children, in an unconventional manner, and showing them that you can do anything you put your mind to regardless of your past, background, or education.  They will understand that while their parents might envision a specific path for them to pursue, ultimately the key to their own happiness lies within them.


2.) I love the creativity behind it all; seeing how I can design something so small to tie into the big picture of an entire wedding and event amazes me. No design is the same, and what designer doesn't relish in the moment when the final product is complete and being able to say "Oh yes, she DID that!"


3.) The ultimate motivating factor is the moment when clients see their completed invitation suite for the first time. Seeing the excitement on my clients' faces when I deliver their stationery and they instantly forget the stress and the other 15 million items they have to check off their wedding to-do list is an indescribable feeling that just never gets old.


Thinking about how Dreamcatcher Stationery came to fruition and my quest for the pursuit of happiness gives me all the feels. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love and to use my creative gifts to touch the lives of others. I am so excited about what the future holds for my business and I look forward to sharing it all with my biggest supporters.


I hope that openly sharing this has inspired you to chase after your own dreams until they are caught in the intricate weaving of your own dreamcatcher. And if you already know what your dreams are, I invite you to SHARE and EXPLORE them.






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