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January 14, 2019


YAAASSS! Congratulations! You’re engaged and it’s time to get the wedding planning party going. Your wedding day is one the biggest celebrations of your life, and you want to ensure every detail speaks to who you and your fiancé are as individuals and as a couple.  The best way to ensure this to is to research and find the best team of vendors that will work with you to bring your wedding day vision to life.  Your “dream team” might consist of your wedding planner, florist, photographer, and...of course….your stationer.


You are more than likely reading this blog because you are looking for the ultimate experience where you can relax and find comfort in knowing that, with Dreamcatcher Stationery, you will have a fun experience creating your wedding stationery.


As the lead designer and visionary behind Dreamcatcher Stationery my mission is to ensure your paper journey is informative, but enjoyable! 





The Dreamcatcher Stationery Experience


As you move through the wedding planning process, it is only natural that you become overwhelmed by all of the pretty, coupled with making decisions on things like the venue, the dress, and decor.  As a bride myself, I completely understand this level of overwhelm, so I strive to make the Dreamcatcher experience one that is personal and very simple.  My goal is to

provide exceptional customer service in order to build trust and rapport with my clients.  This allows for an easy transfer of knowledge so that I can accurately capture your vision into a design.



My Working Style


I like to describe my personality as very easy going, and I attribute this quality to my ability to make this experience the least stressful part of the planning process. I work directly with clients to ensure their vision is translated properly.  Your wedding day can not be pulled off without all members of your dream team working together to communicate with each other. Therefore, I make it a point to work with planners and other vendors to understand the entire scope of the wedding, which allows me to make more informed recommendations regarding all stationery design.  Teamwork makes the dream work!


 I prefer to communicate via email because it allows me to ensure all details, which can include visuals at the appropriate times,  are accurately captured at each step of the process.  This can then be followed by scheduled telephone calls where we can further discuss any remaining questions or concerns in even more detail.  


Being process driven and organized helps me to ensure that we remain on schedule and all deliverables are received in a timely fashion.  My management style includes the use of a client relations management system, which gives clients access to a client portal that houses communications, forms, invoices, and design drafts/proofs.  This easy to access systems makes is perfect for allowing clients to share specific design elements with their planner or other vendors when necessary.




I strongly encourage clients do the following to ensure a smooth client experience:

  • Share as much detail as possible to ensure your theme, colors, etc. are clear (i.e. Pinterest board, mood boards, etc)

  • Practice effective and frequent communication (i.e. responding to questions, completing forms, and approving design proofs according to the agreed upon schedule)

  • Ask questions when something is not clear (i.e. timeline, expectations, etc).



Benefits of Working with Me:


  • Brand my Wedding -- Cohesive look and feel for all stationery

    • You don’t have to stress about looking all over for pieces that will match (colors, theme, etc) or creating it yourself.


  • Assistance with etiquette and wording

    • You don’t have to worry about tricky situations in regards to family dynamics (i.e. divorces, etc) or wording formalities since it's probably your first time getting married.


  • White Glove Service - if you're super busy and need me to assemble everything for you

    • You can focus on other areas of the wedding; no late nights staying up to ensure everything is assembled correctly. Just drop it off in the mail!


Still curious about my process? Download my process document to learn about the stationery journey from start to finish.






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