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December 17, 2018




Engagement Season is well on its way, and I am super happy for those who have gotten engaged or will be engaged in the next few months. I want to make sure that you enter into the wedding planning phase fully equipped with the right mindset and knowledge about one particular wedding element... Yes! Your STATIONERY!


While some may argue that invitations and menus are "just paper", we at Dreamcatcher Stationery believe it's these small details that make every wedding unique. Your stationery is a major element of your wedding as it sets the tone for this monumental celebration. It is the first introduction to your close friends and family, from the announcement of your engagement to the official invitations and wedding day signage.  Your customized wedding stationery is a keepsake that you and your guests can cherish years after you tie the knot.


I'm sure we've all heard that old saying, "you get what you pay for"; and have probably been caught saying it at one time or another. This statement could never be more true when it comes to quality custom stationery. Sure, there are budget friendly options for purchasing decent wedding stationery, but when you want customized stationery that looks amazing, with a quality that will last a lifetime, you must be prepared to make a good investment.  


What's a "good" investment? On average, the Dreamcatcher Stationery couple invests $1800 wedding invitations. Now, of course this changes based on things like paper type, printing, and quantity. And if you are considering sending save the dates, engagement party invitations, and any other stationery for the wedding day, be sure to include those prices in your TOTAL stationery budget.


Click here to learn more about the costs of wedding stationery, including some of the day of stationery that often gets forgotten about. 


So, what exactly are you getting for your money?  


The following elements directly impact your total stationery investment:





Paper Type - This is probably the most important factor since it makes the difference between long-lasting quality stationery and that of a lesser quality.  Would you want paper that is textured or smooth? Would you rather have 100lb paper, or a heavier 120lb paper? Depending on your vision, paper selection can increase our total investment.


Quantity - How many guests are you planning to invite to your wedding? Will each household only receive one invitation or engagement announcement, or will each adult receive his/her own?  Consider the amount of pieces (invite, rsvp card, accommodations card, mailing envelope, and rsvp envelope). Sometimes there’s extra cards for a welcome party, reception, and directions.


Materials & Shape - Do you envision a wedding that is fabulously elegant and over-the-top? Perhaps you are thinking something more modern or classic.  Whatever your desired mood, the investment needed to ensure that your theme or mood translates to your guests and throughout your wedding can depend heavily on the specialty material you choose like acrylic, wood, or glitter paper.

Accessories & Embellishments - Ribbons, rhinestones, and foil...OH MY! Be as subtle or as bold as you'd like when you explore your options for accessorizing your stationery with some of these fabulous embellishment ideas.


If you're interested in exploring different ways to jazz up your wedding stationery, then click here to visit a previous blogpost for tons of inspiration.



Printing and Assembly


Specialty Printing Methods - When it comes to the actual printing of your stationery, there are a few options.  If cost is a major concern, you might consider the least expensive options like digital/flat and thermography. However, if you agree that stationery is a very important wedding day element that you value, you might want to consider increasing your stationery budget to allow for letterpress or foil printing. For a super luxe look, consider finishing options like engraving and lasercutting. In these cases the price is determined by the amount it takes on the machine.


Production/Assembly -  Another key factor included in your stationery investment is time. In order to ensure your invitations are designed using the best products and materials, your stationer takes time to carefully source material from various trusted suppliers. Assembling the final product, which can include a number of layers and embellishments, adding additional steps to the process, takes hours.


Inspection/Quality Control - Your stationer not only sources quality material, but ensures everything is up to par, including the print quality and overall product quality.



Professional Experience


Not only are you getting quality stationery and all that comes along with that, but investing in custom stationery also provides you with an opportunity to partner with an experienced professional stationer who can guide you through the entire process.


  • Providing a knowledge base for the various paper options, printing methods, finishing options, and beautiful embellishments that will exude the vibe you're creating for your event. He/she has the ability to pull from other vendor selections to determine the overall inspiration for your stationery.


  • Guiding you through answering the following:

    • What paper should be used for particular printing methods?

    • How long the process takes based on the printing method?

    • What finishing options work best for the printing method?

    • How many pieces to order based on overall guest count?


  • Providing professional design assistance so that you, the client, can focus on other areas of the wedding planning process and enjoy the moment of being engaged without the pressure of understanding all the elements that make up stationery.


  • Providing unique skillset and expertise in regards to stationery etiquette that will ultimately make your closest family members feel like they are a part of the big day. A stationer relies on her creativity to tie in elements that are special to you and personalize wording to ensure that it truly captures your specific family dynamic and personalities.


Now THAT is priceless!


With all that being said, I hope that you understand the significance of your wedding stationery items. While some people value their wedding dress or flowers, there are others who acknowledge just how much wedding stationery sets the tone of their big day. In many cases it's the first thing associated with your wedding that your friends and family will see. Therefore, I have created a checklist to ensure you don't forget any stationery element for your wedding. Click the button below to get your very own Wedding Stationery Checklist.









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