Speciality Printing & Techniques


Letterpress printing is a technique that dates back to the 1400s. Letterpress printing involves locking movable type into the bed of a press, inking it, and rolling or pressing paper against it to form an impression. Although, the process is not as labor intensive as it was when it was first created, it still requires more time than digital printing and the other processes listed above. It’s sought after because of it’s crisp and deep impressions, which create an elegant look that is timeless.

Photographer: Joffoto 

Foil / Foil Stamping

Foil - Foil stamping is a unique kind of printing procedure that involves heat and pressure to transfer a metallic paper (foil) to a piece of material, creating shiny designs and graphics. It is one of the preferred methods used to turn a simple design into an elegant work of art as it is often used as an accent piece and finishing method.

Photographer: Joffoto 


Thermography - Thermography printing is a practical alternative to engraving because it produces a raised image or type, which is achieved by sprinkling powdered resin onto wet ink, then heat-fusing it onto the sheet. The result is a deliciously textured, high gloss finish. 

Photographer: Joffoto 

Lasercut/Die Cutting

Lasercut/Die Cutting - Lasercutting offers a number of detailed design options to help create looks such as lace and florals that pop! This process is done by using heat from a high power laser to cut through material (paper, arcylic, etc). It's perfect if you are looking to add texture and depth to your design.

Photographer: Brittnay-Renee

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